MTV First: Se musikvideoen Wide Awake

Gense også vores livestream, hvor Katy Perry fortæller om sin kommende MTV-film!

Nu giver MTV dig muligheden for at genopleve premieren på Katy Perrys spritnye musikvideo Wide Awake.

Derudover kan du gense vores livestream med Katy Perry, hvor hun fortæller om konceptet for den kommende MTV-film om hende; Part Of Me.

God fornøjelse!

Tip: Se andre musikvideoer med Katy Perry her!

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Onsdag, 20. Juni 2012

  • Katy Perry – Wide Awake videopremiere


  • Katy Perry Feels 'Like A Superhero' In 'Wide Awake' Video

    "It's got a lot of symbolism in it and a lot of effects," Perry says.

  • MTV First: Se musikvideoen Wide Awake

    Music Video

  • Katy Perry Gives Fans 'A Dose Of Reality' With 'Wide Awake'

    "It's kind of like coming down from a high," Perry says.

  • Katy Perry Calls 'Wide Awake' Video 'The Labyrinth Of My Life'

    "I just wanted to tell a story about myself going through this journey," Perry says.

  • Katy Perry Is Going 'With The Flow'

    In this music video I came out at the other end learning a lesson and feeling strong enough to get back out on that stage, Perry says.

  • Part Of Me' Flick Helped Katy Perry Accept Her Own Skin

    "I think it's important for people to see, and young kids to see, you don't have to be perfect to achieve your dreams," Perry says.

  • Wide Awake' Concept Inspired By Katy Perry's 'SNL' Visit

    "I'm going through all these different set changes and someone has to lead me through that and guide me," Perry says.

  • Part Of Me' Movie Is About 'Overcoming Obstacles'

    "In my young childhood I was sheltered and I was supposed to fit in a box of what my family wanted to be," Perry says.