Geordie Shore | afsnit 7

Ricci er ude af Geordie Shore-huset...

Ricci er ude af Geordie Shore-huset, og resten af slænget er fast besluttede på at gøre Vicky i godt humør, så drengene arrangerer en campingtur og håner pigerne, men smilet stivner hurtigt.

Se hele afsnit 7 på MTV søndag 21.50.

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Torsdag, 27. Juni 2013

  • Geordie Shore 4 | sneak peek ep 7

    Geordie Shore 4 | sneak peek ep 7

  • Geordie Shore 4 | Vicky leaving

    Geordie Shore 4 | Vicky leaving

  • I’m used to it rough but this lass is taking the piss man

  • Can I show you me sack as well Gaz?

  • I feel so guilty, I’ve not thought about Jay once since Scott showed up.

  • The best form of attack when you’re hungry for parsnip is surprise.

  • If a girl opens her mouth for you…

  • What’s a man supposed to do other than…

  • I’m free to have as much fun as I like without little Ricci around

  • This is what a real worldie smells like Holly

  • Wait till I get this MILF home – It’ll be one up to the lone boner!

  • Should I spit or swallow?

  • Does sucking someone off always make you smile this much?

  • Geordie lasses don’t go camping without a few creature comforts

  • That’s the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in me life – Charlotte in the bushes

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