Plain Jane: 310 | Trailer

Brianna har brug for at booste sin selvtillid

Plain Jane Brianna føler sig fanget i sine hverdagsvaner og har brug for Louises hjælp til at rive hende ud af kedsomheden og på jagt efter sin hemmelige forelskelse Joey.

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Husk at se det nyeste afsnit af Plain Jane på søndag kl. 18.05 kun på MTV.

Fredag, 01. August 2014

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Louise talks about Brianna

    Louise talks about Brianna and how she handled the day’s challenges and we see a glimpse of their romantic date by the pool.

  • Jane Profile: Brianna

    Brianna is a student from California and loves doing physical activities and plays volleyball for her school. She needs a boost in her confidence to help get out of her comfort zone.

  • Crush Profile: Joey

    Joey is an actor living in Los Angeles and also manages a bar there. He is looking forward to meeting his crush and finding out which of his friends likes him more than just a friend.