Plain Jane: 311 | Trailer

Stephanie vil gerne have mere selvtillid så hun kan klæde sig mere feminint

Plain Jane Stephanie synes hun sidder fast i møget. Hun har brug for Louise Roes hjælp, for at få mere selvtillid, så hun kan fortælle hendes hemmelige forelskelse Richard, hvad hun føler for ham.

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Fredag, 08. August 2014

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Louise talks about Stephanie

    Louise talks about how Stephanie is introverted and in this episode she was able to eventually break out of her shell.

  • Crush Profile: Richard

    Richard is from California and is a student and hopes to become a lawyer. He’s a self proclaimed home body, and he has never done something like this before and is a little nervous.

  • Jane Profile: Stephanie

    Stephanie is a student from California and has a very conservative fashion style. She wants to gain the confidence to dress more feminine.