27 Britney Spears tekster der får dig igennem et break-up

  • 27 Britney Spears tekster der hjælper på dit break-up >>>

  • “I don’t want to cry a tear for you, so forgive me if I do.” (Born To Make You Happy)

  • “I just can’t help but wonder how everything could change.” (“Deep In My Heart”)

  • “Where are you now, what have you found? Where is your heart, when I’m not around?” (“Where Are You Now?”)

  • “Is it my life or the things I do? Can’t make you love me.” (“Can’t Make You Love Me”)

  • “’Cause to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me.” (“Oops! …I Did It Again”)

  • “Holding on, my heart is breaking. Can’t let go. You never know what you got ’til it’s gone.” (“Til It’s Gone”)

  • “Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind. Where do I go?” (“From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”)

  • “I know I’ve been a fool since you’ve been gone; I’d better give it up and carry on.” (“Born To Make You Happy”)

  • “Even though time may find me somebody new, you were my real love, I never knew love ’til there was you.” (“From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart”)

  • “You’re in my heart and you’ll be in my dreams, no matter how many miles between. I promise you that I won’t forget the day we kissed or the day we met.” (“I Will Still Love You”)

  • So sad but true. We must leave it behind in our hearts, in our minds.” (“Autumn Goodbye”)

  • “Hide my tears and dry my eyes. You don’t need to see me cry.” (“Don’t Cry”)

  • “History has turned the page.” (“Beat Goes On”)

  • “The sense of loneliness will fade, so dry your tears and rest assured.” (“Girl In The Mirror”)

  • “It’s time that I learn to face up to this on my own.” (“I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”)

  • “Let’s pretend that I’ve moved on and I tell myself that life goes on without you.” (“I Run Away”)

  • “You might think that I won’t make it on my own, but now I’m stronger than yesterday.” (“Stronger”)

  • “Every day, the sun comes up again.” (“Everyday”)

  • “Here I go, on my own. I don’t need nobody, better off alone.” (“Stronger”)

  • “I can’t have no chains around me.” (“What U See (Is What You Get)”)

  • “You’re all that he’s not. Just look what I’ve got.” (“You Got It All”)

  • “She’s gonna step outside, uncover her eyes. Who knew she could feel so alive.” (“Brave New Girl”)

  • “No more tears to dry. You and I, we’re like so ’bye-bye.’ Finally I am over you, totally unblue, and I can hear myself saying I am better off without you.” (“Don’t Go Knocking On My Door”)

  • “Gotta go the way I go. Trust that I know this is my show.” (“Let Me Be”)

  • “I just wanna have some fun, and I’ll do it until I’m done.” (“I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)”)

  • “Why should I get mad? Feel sad? Who knows? Just take it all as a sign that we’re through. Goodbye.” (“Why Should I Be Sad”)

  • “Now this girl don’t need no man. Says what she can do, what she can. Now I live for me.” (“Lonely”)

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    Oops, she's single again...

    Britney Spears er blevet single igen. Efter 8 måneder i ren idyl gjorde hun og Charlie Ebersol det forbi. Det betyder nok også at enten er Britney klar til at være single, pudset sine stilletter og nærmest på vej til natklubben, eller også ligger hun derhjemme i fosterstilling med lyset slukket og sit hjerte knust. >>> 13 tegn på at du har været single for længe

    Vi håber på (og regner faktisk med) at hun har det strålende… Det er jo BRITNEY! Men i tilfælde af at hun har valgt at ligge i fosterstilling, så har vi fundet nogle hjælpende ord. Og det er ikke bare tilfældige ord, det er Britneys egne guldkorn. For der er ingen bedre til at løfte dig op end Britney. Heal the heartbreak med vores GIF-galleri og Britneys gode råd ovenfor.

    Onsdag, 24. Juni 2015