MTV PUSH: Doja Cat

LA-based rapper Doja Cat is our MTV PUSH artist for april!

Doja Cat is quickly becoming one of the hottest acts of 2020, mixing candy-coated beats with explicit lyrics and an unforgettable personality; she stands out from her counterparts in the rap world.

Her hit single “Say So” has had over 176 million Spotify streams, in part due to a TikTok dance created by Haley Sharpe that went viral on the video sharing app. Doja explained on MTV Fresh Out Live: “I’m excited about the success that it’s made. I didn’t know people liked disco so much. Let’s take it back to the 70’s!”

The LA rapper has come a long way from her first viral hit “Mooo!” which to some seemed like a parody of rap but it gained millions of fans and quickly shot her to fame, leading people to question who is this girl with fries in her nose rapping about cows?

With the release of her sophomore album “Hot Pink”, Doja has defined her own lane in rap with fans that love her female empowerment lyrics.

As she sings in “Cyber Sex” – “Let’s break the internet. We do it the best.” Doja is set to keep doing just that, breaking the internet with her catchy tracks and infectious personality & we’re more than excited to support her throughout the month of April!

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